Catch and Correct Vulnerabilities Before They Evolve into Problems

Managing IT within a company is both a demanding and complex task. Besides the entire technological infrastructure to be dealt with, there is a significant amount of monitoring and maintenance to be done to prevent system failures or the progression of flaws. IT systems will always have vulnerabilities which can range from uncomfortable to full-blown disastrous. Is your business doing enough to find and address these vulnerabilities before the evolve into more elaborate problems?

Priority-Based Vulnerability Management Service

At Intech we have created a Vulnerability Management Service designed to comprehensively detect IT vulnerabilities and address them in the fastest and most appropriate manner. Through Intech’s Business Risk Impact Index, the service will accurately prioritize threats and show the correct way to fix them. Our service ensures the long-term health of your IT infrastructure, as it also saves your business time, effort, and money by avoiding system failures.

Affordable, Fully-Managed Service

Intech’s Vulnerability Management Service is designed to save business’ money. Subscribers receive a continuous and automated monitoring of vulnerabilities, at a low monthly cost per device, without the need to invest in additional software and implementation design.

Reporting and Compliance

Our service also provides constant, detailed reporting for compliance and insights for remediation. This allows CIO’s and COO’s to visualize the progress of vulnerability correction and allows them to stay on top of compliance, ensuring a smooth-running and legal operation.

Learn how to detect and address your company’s vulnerabilities affordably!

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