Intech’s Telephony and Unified Communications Solutions have been designed to meet and exceed the Telephony needs of your organization. Our systems provide consistent communications services to all your employees regardless of where they are physically located. Based on open standards, they guarantee the delivery of seamless, scalable, and flexible telephony communications and unified communications applications designed to meet your business requirements, timetable, and budget.

Intech offers a variety of IP Telephony solutions that provide reliable and fault tolerant applications with a wide variety of enterprise features that can be fully distributed over an IP infrastructure. These solutions support business-critical applications, including unified messaging, customer contact center, conferencing, one-number-follow-me personal call director, recorded announcement, IVR, wireless VoIP, and IP phones.

Some advantages of our IP Telephony Solutions:


  • Consolidation of voice and data networks bring savings on circuit and PSTN costs
  • Administration and operations time and cost savings through the use of GUI administrative tools
  • Increased technical personnel cost effectiveness allowing many tasks to be performed by existing technical resources
  • No need for separate cabling- Use a single IP network cable (Cat. 5 or better) for voice and data needs in the enterprise

Added Capabilities

  • Mobility and geographical independence
  • Scaled technological growth
  • Customer service improvements
  • More and better information availability from enterprise application at the time the call comes in
  • Better handling of caller experience due to streamlining of call handling as they are transferred across the enterprise
  • Simpler and less expensive availability of advance features such as three-way calling, conference bridging, IM, and multimedia conferencing
  • Simpler and secure self service access for callers’ specific information.

Productivity Gains

  • Ability to transform desktop applications such as Microsoft®  Outlook into a multimedia integrated messaging platform.
  • Easier and powerful reports helpful to meet and validate compliance requirements
  • Added worker capabilities of otherwise more advanced functions such as integrated enterprise directories, click-to-call, conferencing, transfers, and changing voicemail preferences.

Unified Communications

The way businesses communicate in today’s advanced and competitive world affects both profitability and customer/partner relationships, especially as employees’ workspaces extend beyond the traditional desktop environment and become increasingly mobile, and business is conducted from a variety of locations.

Intech’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions combine all forms of business communications into a single, system that provides powerful new ways to collaborate by removing the barriers between voice, email, conferencing, video, and instant messaging. With this tool set at your disposal it will take less time to make decisions, your productivity will increase and you will gain the ability to provide a simple and consistent user experience across all types of communications. Using the power of software, Intech -in conjunction with the leading UC vendors- delivers a UC solution that leverages existing investments and integrates enterprise telephony, voice mail, instant messaging, email, and video/multimedia conferencing. This provides crucial productivity and time saving abilities to the customer’s employees and other external contacts, by using business-centric, context-based collaboration (through rich personal presence information) and multi-modal communications without sacrificing important requirements such as security, scalability and availability.

Our Network Solutions reduce costs

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