Protecting your organization’s information has never been more important. It is no longer a choice, but a necessity. No matter the size of your business -or how fast your organization’s needs to expand in terms of personnel, customers, and multiple branch offices- you need Security Solutions that you can count on, so that you can have the peace of mind necessary to focus on your business.

Intech’s Security Solutions provide extensive security coverage with low management overhead and no single points of failure to keep your business secure. We can provide your business with an effective, comprehensive range of security solutions and managed services to ensure that your information is protected from security threats, saving your company money, increasing productivity, business resiliency and operations stability.

Intech’s Security Solutions for your organization:

  • Protect all your information assets including hardware, software, applications, and data files against today’s security threats such as viruses, Trojan horses, corrupted files, advanced persistent threats, and others.
  • Identify information security gaps in your organization including user policies, processes, applications, data, and technology.
  • Ensure information protection and privacy from unauthorized discovery over the network providing your customers with the confidence and trust to continue doing business with you.
  • Lower total cost of ownership by avoiding the time and money incurred in replacing lost or damaged information and assets.
  • Help to ensure compliance with security and fiscal regulations.
  • Establish repeatable, measurable planning processes to manage security to support competitiveness and growth. This puts you in control of your company’s IT infrastructure to block dangerous communication protocols, to secure the network and increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Network Solutions reduce costs

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