Microsoft Azure-based Disaster Recovery Services

Information loss is highly-likely in scenarios where infrastructure has been damaged, whether by natural or man-made disasters. Many companies have suffered massive losses and severely negative consequences to their business as a product of losing important digital information. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of a company’s business technology is a dependable, fail-proof disaster recovery service.

100% Fully-Managed Service

Disaster recovery is complex in nature and requires heavy investment in terms of infrastructure, management, and data-storage capabilities. Most small-to-mid sized companies simply can’t afford an internal server-system built for disaster recovery. For this reason, Intech provides a fully-managed service that lets businesses and other organizations focus on their time and money on their main operation.

Fast Recovery Ensures Business Continuity

Integration Technologies offers one of the safest, fastest, and most reputable disaster recovery services available. Using Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, we guarantee companies the peace-of-mind that they are backed by a trustworthy service that can have their systems recovered within minutes, with near-zero data loss. Most importantly, through Intech’s Disaster Recovery Service, you ensure business continuity.

Constant, Expertly-handled Monitoring and Testing

Intech constantly monitor’s replication health through automated Alert Management Systems and performs regular failover tests and drills that guarantee not only preparedness, but also lessen any possibilities of system failure. These diagnostics and testing are performed by highly-qualified and Microsoft-trained staff that is operate across Intech’s different service regions. Intech is also 100% compliant with local and regional laws and best business practices.

Safeguard your information and prevent drastic losses of data. At Integration Technologies, our disaster recovery service is safe, fast, and affordable.

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