Unlock the Power of Microsoft Azure And Boost Your Digital Transformation

In our increasingly fast-paced and digitalized world, organizations of all sorts face a whole new world of challenges. With Microsoft Azure taking over as THE cloud platform for application building and development, that leaves businesses and organizations in the need for Azure experts.

While Azure is designed to be comprehensive to its users, newcomers will still need guidance. Trainings and certifications can often come expensive, specially for small and mid-sized companies. This is the reason why Intech believes in helping out.

Intech 2016 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year

Through our Digital Partner of Record (DPoR) program, you can signup to receive free assistance and consultations from Certified Gold Microsoft Azure experts. This includes the following :

  • Analysis of Services that can be optimized with Azure
  • An easy to view consumption and services Dashboard
  • Email Alerts of Consumption Trends
  • Bi-Monthly training sessions on Azure products and functionalities

Companies with a higher consumption of Azure services can also receive:

  • A monthly performance review of Azure subscriptions
  • A monthly analysis of new and arising needs
  • A comprehensive mobile app to monitor consumption

Have an expertly-guided digital transformation with Azure through Intech!

Sign up for free today.