Intech delivers consulting, turn-key, and managed services to help our customers attain their goals cost-effectively

Digital transformation and cloud technologies are the present and the future. Intech has worked extensively with cloud solutions and services since its inception and we are leaders in digital transformation services and cloud solutions in the Caribbean. Faced with the economic challenges we face globally, technology offers us a series of options to modernize and transform companies.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Operations

Now more than ever, businesses need to adapt, and change direction quickly, Hybrid Cloud managed services, works as a core strategy for your business digital transformation. Intech will assess, develop, guide and manage the process for you. No matter if you need or want to combine public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources, INTECH expert team, will give you the agility your business needs to achieve a competitive advantage.

Backup & Recovery Services

Backup & disaster: Information loss is highly-likely in scenarios where infrastructure has been damaged, whether by natural or man-made disasters. Many companies have suffered massive losses and severely negative consequences to their business as a product of losing important digital information. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of a company’s business technology is a dependable, fail-proof disaster recovery service

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace: Be it databases, apps or entire servers, Intech provides seamless and secure Migration Services, ensuring full access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Integration Technologies also provides Hybrid Integration. This allows access to what your company needs, when it needs it, with easy, painless communication with the cloud, to and from your on-premises, on-site data, and systems

Cybersecurity and Compliance

There is no IT security infrastructure that is safe from any internal or external attack. Intech Cybersecurity Managed Services can help you discover weaknesses in the Information Technology security infrastructure. This service was designed to identify the threat agents, classify the sources, list the vulnerable instances and provide a list of remedial actions, our service helps manage risk throughout the enterprise, comply with regulatory guidelines and reduce security exposure.

Data, Analytics, and AI

Innovate across your organization, differentiate and personalize engagements, and optimize operational efficiency with INTECH Data Analytics & AI. Predictive insights, intelligent service automation, risk management and financial forecasting, resource planning, and much, much more. Take your business efficiency to the next level with a unified, powerful platform of intelligent automation and insights.